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2010-11 Winter Concert | Harmony Mountain Singers

Harmony Mountain Singers 2010-11 Winter Concert, February 3, 2011:

1. "Joy Comes Back" (by Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Soloist: Bob McMillin; Music Director and Keyboardist: Karla Mundy; Band: Plough

2. "One Fine Day" (by David Byrne and Brian Eno, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Director and Keyboard: Karla Mundy; Percussionist: Paul Bray

3. "Hymn for Pincher Creek" (by Connie Kaldor, Arranged by: Karla Mundy

Soloists: Jane Osborne, Andrea Newsom. Small Group (L-R): Linda Humphries,
Bonnie Whelan, Jane Osborne, Andrea Newsom, Pam Lee, Marilyn Winterbottom

4. "Love's in Need of Love Today" (by Stevie Wonder, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Soloist: Alex Cummings; Director and Keyboard: Karla Mundy.

5. "Put A Little Love in Your Heart" (by Jackie DeShannon, Randy Myers, Jimmy Hol, Arranged by: Brian Tate)

Soloists: Michael O'Byrne, Roma Sedgman, Sue Haberger, Deanna Illingworth.
Percussionist: Paul Bray. Music Director and Keyboardist: Karla Mundy

Thanks to videographer Riley Newsom and mom, Andrea, for the great videos!