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2011 Spring Concert | Harmony Mountain Singers

Harmony Mountain Singers 2011 Spring Concert, June 2, 2011:

1. "Juramento" (by Miguel Matamoros, Arranged by: Electo Silva)

2. "It Makes No Difference" (by The Band, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Soloists: Chris Kruch, Sue Haberger, Cheryl Grant-Gamble

3. "Crazy Love" (by Van Morrison, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Soloists: Jane Osborne, Bob McMillin, Chris Kruch

4. "Carolina Pines" (by Kate Wolf, Arranged by: Moira Smiley)

5. "Under African Skies" (by Paul Simon, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Small Group: Bonnie Whelan, Kathy Erdman, Linda Humphries, Chris Kruch, Jane Osborne, Isabelle Proctor
Percussionist: Paul Bray. Music Director and Keyboardist: Karla Mundy

6. "Midnight Train to Georgia" (by Jim Weatherly, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Soloists: Cheryl Grant-Gamble, Karla Mundy

7. "Turtle Dove" (Traditional, Arranged by: Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem)

Soloists: Kate Bailey, Andrea Newsom
Instrumentalists: Plough, Percussionist: Paul Bray

8. "Own Two Hands" (by Ben Harper, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Soloists: Jennifer Morabito, Roma Sedgman, Marilyn Winterbottom
Instrumentalists: Plough

9. "Parting Glass" (Irish Traditional, Arranged by: Wailin' Jennys/Karla Mundy)

10. "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" (by Paul Simon and Joseph Shabalala, Arranged by: Karla Mundy)

Crazy Basses: Gerry Humphries, Wayne Collins, Mike O'Byrne, Kevin McDermott, Alvaro Peralta
Percussionist: Paul Bray

Thanks to videographer Riley Newsom and mom, Andrea, for the great videos!